SHORT BOARDS (click on image to enlarge)

Round Nose Fish :: The Swordfish :: The Accelerator :: The Gun
The Semi-Gun :: The Funshape


ROUND NOSE FISH: 5’5 to 6’2

The round nose fish is a super fast, tight turning little pocket rocket. Designed for small waves from one to four foot, it is fast, easy paddling, responsive and loose in the tail for freedom in small waves. The round nose fish is designed to be around 2-4 inches shorter than the surfer’s standard shortboard. It has a slight rocker for speed and increased area in the outline to account for the reduced length. The reduction in length allows for tighter turns in small surf making it the perfect summer funboard.

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THE SWORDFISH: 6’0 to 6’8

The Swordfish is designed for maximum performance in small surf for the bigger surfer. It has increased volume in both thickness and surface area, with a wide swallowtail making it noticeably looser than a standard short board. It also has slight channels to create extra drive in mushy surf. This is a fast, loose board ideal for bigger surfers who want to loosen up their surfing.

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THE ACCELERATOR:5'6 (micro groms) to 6'10 (for bigger guys)

The Accelerator is a high performance all round short board for small to medium waves that's fast and responsive with single to double concave for speed, drive and maneuverability. This is currently our most popular design for hot surfers and team riders and can be designed with any tail choice (eg swallowtail, rounded square, ect.)

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:6'10 TO 8'4

The Gun is Designed for 5 foot plus surf, a refined board for solid hollow waves, it has more rocker with a sleek outline and narrower tail for bite and hold in critical situations. Designed and tested by the shaper and teamriders in the unpredictable power of WA’S south and northwest, the gun is ideal for surfers wanting a board they can rely on in the biggest and heaviest conditions.

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THE SEMI-GUN: 6’2 TO 6’10

The Semi-Gun is designed for high performance surfing in mid size to bigger waves. Its design features a slighty looser tail than the traditional big wave Gun, allowing for tighter turns in larger hollow surf while maintaining drive and hold.

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The Funshape is a bigger shortboard ideal for surfers who want something with the paddling ease of a mini Malibu, but with the performance and feel of a shortboard. This design is a refined version of the popular ‘Hybrid’ board, however unlike older ‘hybrid’ designs it is far more versatile being suitable for all types of waves. The Funshape is ideal for older and bigger surfers and is also very popular with female surfers. It is essentially a great all round funboard for all types of recreational surfers.

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