Steve Del Rosso (SDR) has been shaping surfboards for over 15 years, starting his own label ‘Frenzy’ in the North West of W.A in 1990, before taking over the Clearwater label in 1996. Other labels Steve has shaped for include Hawaiian Island Creations (HIC), Brothers Nielsen and various other high profile surfboard labels.


Early in his shaping career, Steve’s’ surfboard design skills and knowledge were developed under the guidance of highly regarded shapers such as Col Ladhams, Mick Button, Mick Manolas, Lufi and Bert Burger. Bert Burger in particular contributed a great deal to Steve’s knowledge and understanding of not only shaping, but overall board construction relating to materials, board lamination ect. Steve also gained a great deal of knowledge through various trips shaping in surfboard factories interstate and overseas, and through contact with various high profile international shapers.


Steve shapes short and longboards as well as retro designs, thus allowing Clearwater Surfboards to cater for each and every breed of surfer. Steve uses his shaping and design knowledge as well as accumulated feedback from Clearwater team riders and individual customers, to ensure that each individual board achieves the highest standard of quality, in terms of both look and performance.


Surfboards for all types of conditions and all types of people: From the power of reef breaks to sloppy beach breaks, whether you are young, old, thick, thin, short or tall Steve can design a surfboard to suit you!