LONG BOARDS (click on image to enlarge)

Mini Malibu: 7’4-8’4

The Mini Malibu is a scaled down version of the traditional longboard. It is designed for maximum stability and paddling power making it the ideal choice for beginners, as well as old time surfers getting back into surfing. This board is perfect for surfers who wish to surf in classic style, great for all waves with a modern feel for performance.

High Performance Longboard: 8’6- 9’3 

The high performance longboard is a more refined modern take on the traditional longboard. Its design features more refined,slightly thinner rails, less area within the outline and a little more rocker than the traditional longboard. The reduction in surface area within the outline and increased rocker allows for tighter turns and greater response throughout the whole board. It features concave within the nose to allow for the noseriding capabilities of the traditional longboard.This model is hugely popular with longboard professionals as well as recreational surfers wanting to take their longboarding to a new more modern level.

The Traditional Longboard: 9’0 TO 10’  

The Traditional longboard is designed to replicate the old classic style of longboard. Built for cruising, this board can be thought of as the ‘Cadillac’ of surfboards. It features old style rails, a greater surface area within the outline for stability, and concave in the nose for noseriding. It also has rolled vee in the tail and moderate rocker lift to allow for easier turning and a smooth flow throughout its surfing.